On studying jazz…

So I sometimes have students ask me about studying jazz guitar.  Often it’s younger players who are already fairly good at rock.  Sometimes complete beginners.  The first question I ask them is to name 5 jazz guitarists and what you like about them.  Rarely can they even answer the first half of that question.  So here’s my mission for the beginning jazz guitarists out there – find 5 jazz guitarists you like and call me in the morning.  

Start with Charlie Christian, Django Reinhardt, Wes Montgomery, Pat Martino, and Joe Pass.  Or if you’re rocker, you might be more into modern rock-influenced players such as Pat Metheny, Mike Stern, Allan Holdsworth, Kurt Rosenwinkel, or John Scofield.  Either way, if you listen closely to some of these players, you’ll have a much better idea of what you’re getting into… and you’ll begin to understand how much fun this music can be!

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